What is MTAC?

Music Teachers’ Association of California (MTAC), founded in 1897, is a statewide organization of professional music teachers with many local branches. The mission of MTAC is to pursue excellence in music education and advance the music teaching profession through innovative programs that foster artistic growth and achievement.

The state MTAC annually sponsors diverse educational programs such as Certificate of Merit® (CM), Piano Concerto Solo Competition, Young Composers Guild, Improvisation, and Young Artist Guild. Every MTAC teacher with an active membership can participate in these programs by entering their students in local, regional or state-level events. These events will give students opportunities to perform in public, develop musicianship through a conservatory-style curriculum, receive formal performance evaluations, or compete against peers for artistic excellence.

To be eligible for membership in MTAC, one must hold a degree in music or its equivalent from an accredited institution and have demonstrated teaching experience. For those who would like to pursue teaching as a career but do not have formal training in music, MTAC offers a four-year self-study program called the California Plan (Cal Plan), designed to establish a standard of knowledge for the teaching of music. MTAC also offers provisional membership for those who do not have sufficient teaching experience, and student membership for college students that are interested in MTAC programs and activities.

The state MTAC also maintains a searchable database of instrumental and voice teachers by zip code, providing public access to highly qualified member teachers throughout California.

Today, with over 4,700 members, there are more than 64 self-governing, affiliated MTAC Branches throughout the state.

Click to go to the state MTAC website, www.mtac.org