Sonata Contest ~ In Memory of Jane Smisor Bastien

This event is open to students of MTAC San Diego Branch member teachers.

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DATE: December 15, 2018
LOCATION: SDSU School of Music and Dance (click for event map)

On a Saturday in the third week of December each year, students gather from all over San Diego County at San Diego State University to play sonata movements from a specific repertoire list which is posted each year in June on the MTAC website. The competition is open to students of MTAC San Diego teachers.

Each student prepares a sonata movement from the repertoire list and will is heard by one judge individually. The judge from each group chooses approximately 25 % of the group to be finalists. Finalists are posted and are told where and when their finals will be performed. Both preliminary auditions and final auditions are held on the same day.

Finals are open to the public and are adjudicated by three judges. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies and Finalist ribbons are awarded for each group. All decisions made by judges are final. The first place winners from each group must advance one numerical group the next year. For example, if a student wins first place in group 1A, the next year he must enter group 2A or above.

Sonata Contest is a true celebration of the sonata in the piano repertoire!

New or Contributory members must have joined the San Diego branch on or before October 20, 2018, in order to participate in the Sonata Contest.

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