Rules on Photocopies

MTAC has a strict “No Unauthorized Photocopies” policy. This policy applies to ALL EVENTS sponsored by the State MTAC or the San Diego Branch. Violation of this policy will result in a student being excluded from participation in the particular MTAC event which they tried to enter. Any student who brings unauthorized photocopies to an MTAC event will not be allowed to perform in that event.

The MTAC State Office Certificate of Merit Policy states:

“Students and accompanists are strictly prohibited from bringing photocopied music to CM Evaluations. Individuals who bring in unauthorized photocopied music to CM Evaluations shall not be heard by an Evaluator and shall automatically receive a “Remain-at-Level” rating. CM Teachers and students are authorized to use photocopied music only in the following situations: (i) to facilitate page turns, and (ii) for confirmed out-of-print material “

You may download music from the internet but you must follow these guidelines:

  • Free downloads should include the URL and something from the website stating that the music is in public domain or free. The teacher may need to copy or cut/paste the URL from the browser and attach to the music. An MTAC official at the event will have a computer and will check to see if the URL indeed provides for free downloads.
  • Translations are required if needed for the Composer, Title, or website information.
  • Policy- Copyright Restrictions: A student who brings a photocopied score or brings music reproduced from a CD or the internet without an authorized logo or source shall not be heard by the Evaluator and shall receive an automatic RAL [remain- at- level] rating.
  • Out-of-print music: The fact that something is confirmed as out-of-print does NOT mean you can photocopy it – you still have to have permission from the publisher If a student brings music downloaded from the internet which has been paid for, he/she needs to bring a receipt for EACH COPY with the student’s name, their teacher’s or their parent’s name on the receipt(s) . Without this identification the MTAC event chair will have no way of knowing if the student paid or just photocopied someone else’s copy.

Federal fines for violation of copyright laws would be levied against our MTAC state office and/or local branches and can range from $750 to $30,000 for the simplest of cases.

These policies are in place to help ensure that copyright laws are followed and the copyright interests of composers and publishers are not violated.