Popular Music Festival

This event is open to students of any San Diego County teacher. If you are not a member of MTAC San Diego, and would like to enter your students in this event, contact info@mtacsd.org to request a Non-Member Registration Form.

Event Day Schedule:

Recital 1 - 10:15 AM
Recital 2 - 11:00 AM
Recital 3 - 12:45 PM
Recital 4 - 2:00 PM
Improvisation Workshop - 3:00 PM

Directions & Map

DATE: November 3, 2018
LOCATION: Grossmont College - Building 26 Room 220 (click for event map)

This annual Festival is a series of recitals, where students perform selections that they have chosen from a wide variety of musical styles to share with their peers and the audience. It is a celebration of student creativity through improvisation, as well as the enjoyment of performances of published non-classical works. All acoustic instruments are welcomed, as are combinations of instrumental groupings.

While the term “popular” generally means new, current, or top-ten music, we have expanded the meaning of the term to incorporate a large variety of selections, including folk songs, hymn tunes, “New Age” music, improvisation, method book selections, rags, jazz, video game and movie music. It is not a competitive event and is open to students of any interested teacher. Each player receives written comments from knowledgeable adjudicators, as well as a beautiful certificate of participation.

JAZZ IMPROVISATION WORKSHOP at 3:00 PM - led by jazz pianist Yuko Maruyama

All Popular Music Festival participants and teachers are invited to attend the 60-minute Jazz Improvisation Workshop, immediately following the last recital program of the Festival. Interested students are encouraged to perform in the 2pm recital program and attend this free workshop.

This workshop is geared toward intermediate- or advanced level instrumentalists who have the theory understanding of at least CM level 5. Improvisers of all levels are welcome. Students are expected to play the melody of a song then improvise over the chord progression of the song in an appropriate jazz style such as swing, bossa and funk. Pianists will be accompanied by a bass player and a drummer. Performers will be coached by our expert jazz educators.

Students may prepare to play one of the assigned songs posted and to improvise based on the chord progression of your selection. Students may also prepare to play and improvise on any jazz standard using a chord chart, that is submitted by the student in advance. A sample list of appropriate jazz standards is attached. All acoustic instruments are welcome.

Assigned Song #1 "Triad Blues"
Assigned Song #2 "F Blues No. 5"
Sample List of Jazz Standards

This is a fun opportunity for instrumentalists to get together, learn new songs and develop your student’s creativity. For more information about the Jazz Improvisation Workshop, or if you are a teacher who would like to help with the event, please email popular@mtacsd.org.

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