2019 VOCE Acknowledgement & Results

There were 41 entries in the 2019 Branch VOCE Competition held at Point Loma Community Presbyterian Church on January 5. So numerous were the entries, that the competition was split into two concurrent events: strings and ensembles in the sanctuary, with winds and voice in the chapel.

Congratulations to all participating students for such wonderful performances! You are to be truly commended for your training, preparation, and fortitude.

Thank you to all students, parents, church personnel, co-chairs, volunteers, teachers, accompanists, and judges for your invaluable contributions toward a successful VOCE!

Hernan Constantino, Danette White, and Yuko Maruyama
Ruslan Biryukov, Miriam Cole, Peter Dayeh, Brian Goral, Sunah Park Jong, Pasha Tseitlin, and Dan Yu
Studios Represented:
Ruslan Biryukov, Glen Campbell, Hernan Constantino, Peter Dayeh, Wei Feng, Sunah Park Jong, Alexander Palamidis, Pasha Tseitlin, Danette White, and Elena Yarritu
Yulia Atoyan, Dana Burnett, Miriam Cole, Katherine Dvoskin, Yoonhee Huh, Bradley Pettit, Danette White, and Dan Yu
Strings & Ensembles: Missy Lukin and Chia-Ling Chien
Winds & Voice: James Romeo and Leyla Zamora
Voice: Dan Ratelle

1st Place Branch Winners are eligible to compete at the State VOCE in Orange County on April 7, and we wish you well! 1st Place Alternates may compete at the State VOCE when Branch Winners cannot.

Junior Strings:
1st Place – Elijah D, cello
2nd Place – Jessie S, violin
3rd Place – Benjamin L, violin
Honorable Mention – Caitlin W, violin

Intermediate Strings:
1st Place – Pearl Anne D, viola
2nd Place – Eric Z, violin
3rd Place – Ethan Z, cello
Honorable Mention – Stacy W, violin

Senior Strings:
1st Place – Nathan S, violin
1st Place Alternate – Luzy G, violin
2nd Place – Evan Z, violin
3rd Place Tie – Darren J, cello
3rd Place Tie – Jacey Y, violin

Intermediate Winds:
1st Place – Nithin C, flute & piccolo
1st Place Alternate – Anna L, flute
2nd Place – Gary L, clarinet
3rd Place – Ramona T, flute
Honorable Mention – Richard L, flute

Senior Winds:
1st Place – Zackery E, bassoon
1st Place Alternate – Dillon H, flute

Intermediate Voice:
1st Place – Flora Y, soprano

Intermediate Ensemble:
1st Place – The String Beans
Evan Z, violin; Wei-Shan H, violin; James R, viola; Dylan R, cello

2nd Place – The LHF Trio
Kevin H, violin; Sunny F, cello; Leo L, piano

3rd Place – San Diego Youth Cello Quartet
Darren J, cello; Andrew Y, cello; Ethan Z, cello; Daniel C, cello

Honorable Mention – De la Motte String Quartet
Josiah D, violin; Naomi D, violin; Pearl D, viola; Elijah D, cello

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2018 CM Results Now Posted

The 2018 San Diego Branch Certificate of Merit was held on March 24-25 and March 31 at the San Diego State University. This annual event is sponsored by the state MTAC, and organized by the MTAC San Diego Branch. This year, our branch received over 1,200 student applications from 139 teachers. The results are now available on both the teacher and the parent portals of the state MTAC website. (Link is below.)

Running the three days of CM was a concerted effort by all of our CM volunteers, some of whom worked very long hours. The outstanding CM team of our branch planned the entire three-day operation in great details months in advance; our CM teachers fulfilled various tasks of testing, grading and recording on the CM days; and our student runners escorted the CM students safely to and from the evaluation rooms on strict schedule.

Our CM students were evaluated on their level-appropriate repertoire performance, technique, sight-reading, theory and ear training skills. Students who scored high in all areas receive branch honors and are offered additional performance opportunities at the state MTAC Convention in June.

Here are some photos from our CM days. A million “Bravos” to the CM team members, teachers, runners, and our CM students!

2018 VOCE Acknowledgement & Results

Thank you for participating in the 2018 MTAC VOCE Competition. We also would like to thank Grossmont College for the use of their facilities. Thank you to our 3 judges, Rose Lombardo, Catie Longhi and Wesley Precourt. Thank you to Yuko Marumaya and Risa Schapiro for their tremendous help, as well as Danette White.

1st-Place Winners in their categories in the MTAC VOCE Branch Auditions Competition are eligible to compete in the VOCE State Finals Audition on April 22, 2018 at Chapman University in Orange, CA.

The official results are below:

San Diego Branch VOCE Competition on January 7, 2018

Instrumental Ensemble: Intermediate, Competitive
String Quintet – First Place

Instrumental Ensemble: Senior, Competitive
Equinox String Quartet – First Place
4 Cellos – Honorable Mention

Junior Strings, Competitive
Andrew Maxwell – First Place

Senior Strings, Competitive
Katherine Zhu – First Place
Luzy Guanuna – First Place Alternate
Ryan Zhou – Second Place
Amy Lee – Third Place

Intermediate Strings, Competitive
Nathan Sariowan – First Place
Evan Zhou – First Place Alternate
Susan Lee – Second Place
Stacy Widyono – Second Place
Darren Jiang – Third Place
Phoebe Olszewski – Honorable Mention
Jacey Yang – Honorable Mention

Senior Winds, Competitive
Gabriela Beltran – First Place
Zackery Edwards – Second Place
Michelle Liu – Honorable Mention

Intermediate Winds, Competitive
Elisha Tan – First Place
Nithin Chilakapati – Second Place
Anna Lee – Third Place
Praveena Ratnavel – Honorable Mention

Thank you,

Hernan Constantino
Miriam Cole
Co-Chairs, 2018 VOCE Competition