President’s Message – 3/12/18

Dear MTACSD Teachers,

A few more days and the culmination of hours of preparation and learning will take place at San Diego State University. CM is coming! Ready or not, it will arrive. There will be students who will experience triumph if they are ready and others will experience disappointment with the realization that practice and work really makes a difference. Let us hope there will be more triumph rather than disappointment.

While everyone was busy preparing the students for this big event, there were those behind the scenes working so hard to prepare for CM to be a reality and a success. To name a few: Eleanor Hum, Dr. Mitzi Kolar and Chutaphin Yeager. Because of these three wonderful people, the students, evaluators, volunteers and teachers can enjoy their CM at SDSU with ease and safety. Please make sure to thank them when you see them.

It is no secret that the teachers enjoy the catered lunch. It is also a well known fact that CM evaluators do not mind the trek “down south” because we treat them and feed them so well. Much “catching up” and “getting to know you” conversations float all over the lunch room which is great music to listen to. I hope to see you there!

Miriam Cole

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