2018 Duo Acknowledgement & Results

The 2018 Piano Duo Festival was held on Saturday, January 20th at Greene Music. I am sincerely thankful to the judges, all the volunteers, teachers and students who came and did an excellent job at the festival. 12 teams participated and 10 teams competed. All the teams were well-prepared and performed wonderfully. The judges’ final results are below:

Piano Duo Festival Final Results
Category I: Ages 5 – 9 
1st place 
Anya Davis & Kailey Phillips
2nd place
Katelyn Duong & Allison Duong
Category II: Ages 10 – 12
1st place (tie)
Ashley Arner & Sophia Guan 
1st place (tie)
Ruei-Chi Lai & Davina Zhu
3rd place 
Wei-Shi Lai & Peiran Liang
Category III: Ages 13 – 15
1st place
Emily Suh & Lauren Suh
2nd place
Stephen Zhu & Hsiang-Kuang Zhuang
Category IV: Ages 16 – high school
1st place 
Tori Tinsley & Sophia Lam

Category V: College 

1st place

Isabelle Chen & Daniel Chen 

Playing piano duets is an effective way to improve the student’s musicianship, as the students learn to work with other musicians on various aspects of ensemble performance. This would be beneficial for their solo playing as well. Thank you again to the studios of Eunice Ahn, Carol Ong-Chen, Yulia Atoyan, Anna Vasilyeva, Irina Bessonova, Yun-Yin Wu, Tracy Lovley and Dan Yu. Thank you to judges Dr. Marina Sakach and Mr. Steve Baker. Thanks for the wonderful help from Yuko Maruyama.

Thank you again! Hope to see you all at next year’s Piano Duo Festival!

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